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Would you like to receive Dietox on a weekly or monthly basis? Our Dietoxers love convenience and that’s why we´re offering you the ability to set up a schedule with the frequency that best suits your needs, so we can send you regular Dietox packages whenever you need them, so you don´t have to worry about anything. There are 3 types of subscription to choose from, and you are sure to save and benefit with all 3 of them.

  • If you´d like your Dietox therapy to be ready every Monday, so that you can be sure to make up for any weekend over indulgences, the Executive subscription is the one for you.
  • Perhaps one day of therapy isn´t enough for you, and you´d rather do 3 days of detox fasting a month. Choose the Classic subscription to receive 3 days of juices every month.
  • Are you an experienced Dietoxer? Pick the Expert subscription to receive 5 days of Dietox therapy every month.


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