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Who are we?

We are a young and dynamic team with a single mission:
Reset your body so that you can be the best version of yourself!

Dietox arose from the idea that nobody is perfect and that due to the pace of modern-day life, achieving proper nutrition every day is no longer realistic.

Dietox wants to get rid of that day-to-day guilty feeling we all experience and believes in real people who are free from inhibitions, who hold realistic objectives and who still have many dreams yet to be fulfilled.

Looking after yourself should not be a duty, but instead a pleasure. It’s an act of love and self-respect, which in turn is the best source of self-esteem we have. For this reason it should be made a way of life, as our attitude directly impacts our life.

Dietox provides the solution to this need to restore balance and wellbeing to our bodies and minds through our diet, the need to feel beautiful and healthy, both on the inside and outside.

Our objective is to help you change your mindset and lead a healthier lifestyle, using Dietox to become the best version of yourself.

What does Dietox offer?

Dietox promises to excite you with our products so that you really feel motivated to look after and pamper yourself every single day, because beauty comes from within!

Reset your body

Dietox is the start of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. It is the key to changing your mindset, the button you press when you are ready to start a diet, when you want to shine for a special event, when you need to see and feel an INSTANT change in yourself and feel better, RIGHT NOW!

A fresh detox juices therapy to cleanse your body. It is a day of proper nutrition, where you only consume our 6 cold-pressed detox juices, each juice carefully formulated to suit every moment of the day. They are made exclusively from fruit and vegetables, super-foods and plant-derived proteins.

However, there is much more to the Dietox way of life, which is why you will find some additional products to compliment the therapy, not only making it more complete, holistic, and effective, but also making it easier, more convenient, and fun. The Detox plans, for example, will help you reach your goals.

A range of natural cosmetics, which are made from all natural ingredients is a great way to reset the body both inside and outside.

Finally, Dietox water, the 3-in-1 solution allowing you to alkalize your water and complete your detox kit, fits very will with your new lifestyle.


Discover what sets Dietox products apart from other brands


Other brands


Dietox, the original

Dietox pioneered detox therapies in Spain in 2012.

Fruits, vegetables, plant-derived proteins, and superfoods

The organic detox juices are more nutritious, as they are not only made with fruits and vegetables but also with plant-derived proteins (from peas, seaweed and rice) and superfoods (camu-camu, acai, rosehip, chlorella, spirulina…) for a healthier detox therapy.

Seasonal Ingredients

Each season, the recipes are updated including the main season's ingredients.


All fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed to keep their juice from oxidizing from the onset of production.

High Pressure Processing

The fresh juices are exposed to high pressures (HPP - High Pressure Processing). This enables to extend their shelf-life for a number of days, making sure they are still at their freshest when they get to you. Not undergoing heat treatment means our juices are guaranteed to be jammed-packed with nutrients.

Developing Our Own Line of Products

Organic Teas & Infusions

Let us recommend our range of organic teas and infusions as a supplement to your detox juice therapy, as they help cleanse and hydrate the body.

Organic Cosmetics

We also carry a line of natural cosmetics made with organic ingredients, active substances and beneficial essential oils like those of almond, rosehip, and argan, among others.

Dietox Plans + Cleansing Diet + Expert Coaching

We have a team of in-house health experts who want nothing but the best for you. Our nutritionists are behind our holistic plans, which combine a detox diet with fresh juices, and a vegan cleansing diet conceived for the days before and after your juice cleanse. Our team is always at your disposal, and you have their full support and expert guidance whenever you may need it.

Constantly innovating for you: HAPPY ELIXIR Anti-Cravings Spray

We love being at the forefront of innovation, and that’s why we’ve created Happy Elixir, the first anti-cravings mouth spray. It will keep you from snacking between mealtimes thanks to its high tryptophan content.


Eco & Fresh

I+D & Fresh

At Dietox we are constantly innovating. We study each component, hand-pick the best raw ingredients, and use the latest extraction technologies to make our products.

All our juices are fresh, and 100% natural.

Conservación – Método Cold-Pressed & HPP

Preservation –Cold-Pressed Method & HPP

Our juices are always cold-pressed; we design stunning blends that meet your various needs at each time of the day, and then, we enrich them with superfoods, seaweed, and plant-derived protein to end up with juices that are nutritionally very complete.

And to ensure you get them at their freshest, we expose them to incredibly high pressures using the latest HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology. This prevents bacterial growth while maintaining all nutritional properties and flavour profile intact.



From the time of production to the time you receive them at home, we keep the cold chain unbroken at all times, so our detox juices get to you at their freshest. And for added measure, we pack your juice bottles in an isothermal box with ice that functions as a cooler during transport.

Our Team

Nekane Ullán: Nutricionista & Coach Nutricional
Nekane Ullán
Nutritionist | Nutritional Coach
  • MSc in Sports Nutrition, University of Barcelona
    Specialising in Clinical Nutrition and vegetarian diets

Nuria García
Nutritionist | Naturopath
  • Orthomolecular Nutritionist and Homeopath
    Expertise in Chinese and Ayurvedic Diet Therapies