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This 6-day plan is designed to help you lose between 3 and 5 kg in a healthy way, with the help from weight-loss accelerators derived from ingredients with proven effectiveness. They work from the inside to help your body to accelerate and sustain both weight loss and the effects of your reset therapy.

DAYS 1 TO 7: Fresh Ginger Morning Shots
For a period of 7 days, starting on the first day of juice therapy, you should drink this highly effective fat burning accelerator (on an empty stomach): fresh ginger, super detox effect and revitaliser.

  • What are the results? Fat burning effect, improving digestion and boosting your body’s defences.

DAYS 1,2 & 3: FRESH Juice Therapy
Start your plan with a complete body cleanse, losing volume & weight and resetting your body.

Our juice therapy involves a period of semi-fasting, in which you consume 6 specially designed dietox recipes, spread out throughout the day, following the order and time frames indicated on each bottle. During this fasting period, you should not consume any solid foods in order to allow your digestive system organs to rest properly.

You will soon feel lighter, notice improved skin hydration and feel fully recharged, ready to bring out the best in yourself.

  • What are the results? Feel lighter, livelier and better rested.

DAYS 4, 5 & 6: Smoothie Meal Replacement Diet
Continue your reset with our hypo-caloric vegan smoothies, made from vegetables, fruit and super foods, which have been specially designed to allow you to concentrate on weight loss, without constantly feeling hungry.

You will consume 5 smoothies a day over the course of 3 days, with 3 delicious flavours to choose from. Each smoothie provides a total calorie intake of 860 kcal. They are easy and quick to prepare, as well as being hypo-caloric, meaning they are guaranteed to make you feel fuller for longer!

  • What are the results? Weight-loss without the dreaded rebound effect, offering your body complete nutrition with minimum calories.

From day 7: Fit Water
In order to consolidate your weight-loss results, tone and continue to cleanse your body, you should drink alkaline water enriched with cleansing plants for a consecutive period of 20 days (in the morning is best).

Our Fit Water nutricosmetic turns your water into a powerful draining and toning treatment for your body, helping to maximise the results of your diet.

  • What are the results? Weight loss, elimination of excess liquids, muscle toning.


18 FRESH juices

fresh juices

Smoothie Meal Replacement Diet (3 days)

meal replacements Dietox Dry

7 Ginger shots

ginger shots

1 Fit Water - 20 vials

fit water

1 shaker Dietox

shaker dietox

Nutritional Value

FRESH juice therapy

fresh juice therapy


Dry Smoothies

dry smoothies


Fit Water

fit water


Ginger Shots

ginger shots



  1. Achieve your goal weight (lose up to 5 kg).
  2. Cleanse your body.
  3. Reduce body fat.
  4. Maintain muscle tone.
  5. Regulate bowel movements.
  6. Boost energy.
  7. Improve rest.



(from day 1 to 7)

  • Start to take these shots from the very first day, consuming one shot every day in the morning (on an empty stomach).
  • You should store your Fresh Ginger Shots in the fridge and consume one shot per day for a period of 7 days. Shake well before opening.


(from day 1 to 3)

  • Clear a space in your fridge so you can store all 4 juices and 3 cream soups, keeping them nice and cool.
  • You should not consume any solid foods during these 3 days. Only drink your Fresh Ginger Shot and your juices, following the order and timeframes indicated on each of the bottles.
  • Shake each bottle before opening.


(from day 3 to 6)

  • For the 3 days following your Fresh Therapy, you should continue to take your Fresh Ginger Shot (on an empty stomach) but you will replace your main meals and snacks with powder-based smoothies.
  • Smoothie preparation:
    1. Fill your shaker up to the corresponding line with cold water (main meal: 400 ml, Snack: 300 ml).
    2. Open your DRY sachet (main meal: 60 g, Snack: 30 g) and empty the contents into the shaker, making sure to close the lid firmly.
    3. Shake for 30 seconds. Your smoothie is now ready to be enjoyed!


(20 days)

  • Start your Fit Water treatment as soon as you finish. You should use one vial per day for a period of 20 days.
  • Preparation:
    • Shake each vial well before adding to a 500ml-1.5L bottle of water.
    • If you notice any black residue left in the vial, we recommend you add a small amount of water to the vial and shake again to make sure you benefit from all the properties of this product.
    • Shake the mix for 20 seconds until well mixed.
    • Your water is now Dietox water. You can enjoy your Fit Water at any time of the day, although we recommend you drink it between 9am and 12pm for maximum effect.
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