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The Miracle

After Summer Slim Plan

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By the end of summer, our bodies are crying out for a good cleanse and getting back into good habits. We want to help you ease back into your routine and be the best version of yourself, and we have just what you need to achieve incredible results in just 7 days.

THE MIRACLE is a 4-phase diet plan that is designed to help you lose those extra pounds, reduce volume and restore your skin back to health after all those over indulgences during the holidays. Get ready to feel energised so you can kick-start October with a bang.

Phase I: 3 days of juices accompanied by our Turmeric Shots and Fit Water accelerators. A 72-hour cleanse, leaving your body feeling brand new thanks to the amazing effects of this original therapy, which has got everyone raving.

Phase II: Together with your order, you will receive an email with guidelines on how to follow this simple diet, which will help you lose weight in a healthy way. Over the next 3 days you will continue to consolidate the weight-loss process with our Turmeric Shots and Fit Water.

Phase III: Hunger free, gluten free and lactose free. This vegan protein provides the fastest and easiest results possible. Your body will remain in a constant state of detox throughout the whole day thanks to these Turmeric Shots and Fit Water.

Phase IV: It’s important to continue to drink these detox accelerators in order to avoid the rebound effect. The MIRACLE PLAN is designed for you to continue with the Turmeric Shot for a further 7 days and Fit Water for a further 13 days.


3 days of juice therapy

licuados frescos Dietox

18 fresh juices with the most innovative recipes made from fruit, vegetables, vegan protein and superfoods.

Macrobiotic Diet*

librito plan summer

3 days of macrobiotic diet providing a total calorie intake of 1000 Kcal/day.

1 day of DRY Hyper-protein diet

pautas summer focus

6 dehydrated smoothies made from vegan protein, fruit, vegetables and superfoods.

Turmeric shots

saciant infusion

14 fresh turmeric shots, which accelerate, fat burning and boost vitality and the anti-ageing effect.

Fit Water

fit water

A 20-day treatment to accelerate your weight-loss and eliminate liquids. (Bottle included)

*You’ll receive it by email on the day prior to your delivery date; check your spam folder.

Nutritional Value

Detox juice therapy

licuados frescos Dietox


1 day Dry Diet

pautas summer focus


turmeric shots

saciant infusion


Fit Water (20 viales)

fit water



  • Intense body cleanse.
  • Lose volume.
  • Control water retention.
  • Regulate bowel movements.
  • Restore eating habits.
  • Naturally boost energy and vitality levels.
  • Tissue regeneration and anti-ageing.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Luminous, cleansed and hydrated skin.


Save a shelf in your fridge to store your juices and chilled turmeric shots (never freeze them). Make sure to check the expiry date, which can be found on the box.

As soon as you have received your order, you are ready to get started and focus on following all the guidelines so you can achieve the most incredible results.

In addition to completing all the corresponding phases, you should continue to take your Turmeric Shot on an empty stomach every morning for 14 days.

During 20 days after starting your plan, consolidate your progress by taking one vial of Fit Water per day. Mix it with 1l of water and drink throughout the morning.

Phase 1: Follow the order and timings specified on the label for each juice. Don’t consume any solid food during the next 3 days, although you can still drink water, tea and herbal infusions.

Phase 2: After 2 days of fasting, follow the simple guidelines outlined in your macrobiotic diet, which provides just 1000kcal and lasts 3 days.

Phase 3: Prepare your hyper-protein dehydrated smoothies in a flash and consume immediately. Use the shaker to prepare your shake following the instructions: Fill up with water to the corresponding line, depending on whether you are preparing a smoothie snack or smoothie meal replacement, shake well and you're ready to go! We recommend you use cold water. 


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