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Kits and packs for a complete cleansing experience 

Health and convenience are the two pillars of the Dietox philosophy. You want both health and convenience but you have a strict routine, habits and needs that deserve a special kind of treatment. That’s why Dietox has prepared different packs which are specially adapted to suit the different profiles of our Dietoxers. You choose how you want to care for yourself, depending on your own personal objectives and preferences. What type of Dietoxer are you?


Better hydration, cell regeneration, elimination of toxins and weight-loss are just some of the top benefits offered by souping. This cleansing diet consists of consuming different vegetable cream soups at meal times, which have powerful nutritional properties and provide a feeling of fullness.

All the vegetable cream soups from the Dietox Souping Packs are made from water, seasonal vegetables and spices, achieving recipes which are made from 100% natural ingredients and are rich in nutrients, fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Who are the Dietox Souping Packs aimed at?

At anyone who wants a light snack at mealtimes:

  • Lunch - Souping Lunch
  • Dinner - Souping Dinner





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