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Detox Juice Therapy

1 x 500 ml + 3 x 330 ml + 2 x 250 ml

54,00 €

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Detox Juice Therapy -

54,00 €

Cleanse your body and reach your goal weight with a detox comprising of 4 juices made from fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, vegan protein and superfoods, combined with two vegetable cream soups with a satiating effect as your main meals. In total there are six 100% vegan recipes, which are all nutritionally complex and provide all your daily nutritional requirements recommended by the SENC, contributing just 888,8 Kcal/day.

A day of Dietox therapy is a day of super nutrition, allowing your body to rest after a period of over-indulgence, as well as help you to kick-start your weight-loss routine and get you ready to start a new healthy lifestyle.

The Summer Edition recipes are made from a selection of fresh seasonal ingredients that help you cleanse your body, keep you from feeling hungry and also prepare your skin for summer. They have the most complete nutritional composition on the market, thanks to their content of superfoods, vegetable protein and enhancers, which regulate your digestion and activate your metabolism.

Realistically, not many of us are capable of meeting the daily recommended intake of nutrients, fruit, vegetables and vitamins. Today, the fresh juice therapy is the healthiest, most convenient and simple option for giving your body a rest without depriving it of the nutritients it needs. Depending on your objectives, you can do a detox therapy of one, two, three or up to five days. The longer you do it, the more intense your treatment will be.

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Reach your ideal weight in a healthier and more fun way, as it’s the perfect starting point for your new healthy lifestyle.

Eliminate excess fluids your body doesn't need, and little by little you'll feel increasingly lighter as the hours go by.


Boost your vitality and energy levels. Your change of mindset leads to a positive attitude by which you'll face each moment of the day in a good mood.

Your skin and hair will thank you: the nutrients in this detox therapy give them that gloss, strength and elasticity they were missing.

Rest more and rest better, as you eliminate the energetic expenditure of digesting.

Feel your mind more active, agile and focused.


Delivery process

Composition & Nutritional value

During a full day of Dietox juices (2x500 ml + 3x330 ml + 2x250 ml) you’ll take in a total of  847 Kcal, 17 g of protein, 34,8 g of fat and 114 g of carbohydrates.

*Bio ingredient. Allergens: some of our juice blends may contain CELERY and CASHEW NUTS.


You should store the bottles in the fridge and make sure to take note of the sell by date, which can be found on the box.

On your chosen day of detox therapy do not consume any solid foods. You can have water, as well as teas and infusions.

Respect the order and time period in which to take each bottle (specified on each sticker).

Shake well before opening.

Eat the vegetable creams 3 and 5 with a spoon for a better feeling of fullness and to enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Plan a low fat diet for the day before and after your juice therapy. To make it easier, you will receive by email some menu suggestions the day before you get your delivery.

During your detox therapy, engage in low to medium intensity workouts if you are in the habit of exercising.

Download the Dietox app (available for Apple devices) on your smartphone and tablet. It will be your personal coach!





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